Flight Occurrence / Hazard Report

To be filled daily by aircrew.

Serious/ Major defect/ Incident:  
Difficulty faced, if any, for obtaining meteorological information:  
Bad Weather Encountered:  

Hazard/ difficulty faced for/ due to

a. ATC clearance:  
b. Ground Handling:  
c. Passenger Handling  
d. Preparation of Load Trim Sheet and Loading of Helicopter  

Hazard/ difficulties at Departure/ Arrival Helipad

a. Fire Flighting/ rescue facilities:  
b. Security including perimeter security:  
c. Helipad surface, Markings, Approach path  
d. Wind indicator  
e.Safety Related Issues  
Any Other Observation:  
For More Informations, Please Contact

Air Cmde. T.A. Dayasagar
ED (Technical)
T: 0120-2476779
E: ed[dot]tech[at]pawanhans[dot]co[dot]in
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